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[ yes I know the game isn't out but she's so cute and I just had to roleplay her I': ]

Black and White 2 Bianca/Bel

Age: 17

Bel is a young woman who really loves to enter her Pokemon in a musical or anything of that sort, and has a dream to be a musical star. She gave up one of her dreams to be a model like Elesa.
Bel now wears an orange jacket, glasses, and white shirt underneath.

[ part of PKMNRP-Group
/ more to be added when more info is released! c: /

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ah, you're that girl.
that girl who, apparently, 'is not strong'.
touko has told me plenty about you. its a pleasure. 
(( uuugh...
You still here?? Fuck, another friend down the drain...
I really fucked up, didn't I. ))
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(( hey derpus
get over here
;c; <3 ))
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"Bianca...HOW COULD YOU TAKE TOUYA FROM ME!?" he screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks. He was furious and heartbroken and betrayed.....
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